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Research fields
Adjunct Professor of Philosophies of Oriental Asia

Keywords: Confucianism, Chinese Classical Thought, Taoism, Gender Studies on Chinese Traditions, Confucianism and Human Rights, Global Philosophy


Classical chinese thought

  • Analysis and translation of classical Confucian texts: works of Xunzi
  • Different Voices in the Confucian Way: Lunyu, Mengzi, Xunzi
  • Analysis and translation of ancient taoist sources: Neiye
  • Reinterpretations of the ancient Confucianism, in the light of contemporary hermeneutical perspectives
  • Confucianism and New Confucianism as a topic of global philosophy and intercultural debates
  • Religious dimensions in Chinese Classical Thought: the Topic of Tian (Heaven)
  • Spiritual dimensions in Chinese Classical Thought: the Topic of Shen and Shenming
  • Ethics and Politics in Chinese Classical Thought: neisheng and waiwang
  • Man Like God: Theomorphic and Demiurgic Powers of the Human Beings in Ancient Chinese Thought
  • Conflict and Harmony in Chinese Classical Thought
  • “Humanity” (ren) in Chinese Classical Thought


Classical chinese thought in contemporary hermeneutical debates, tradition and modernity in contemporary China

  • Chinese Classical Thought and Global Philosophy
  • Confucianism and Human Rights: new perspectives
  • Sources in Ancient Chinese Traditions for an ethical consensus between cultures
  • East and West, modernity and tradition in Chinese contemporary cultural debates about "chinese identity" (zhonghuaxing)
  • Definitions of Death in Ancient and Contemporary China
  • Cultural and religious minorities in China: Muslims and Christians
  • Gender Studies' perspectives on Taoist and Confucian Traditions
  • Women in the Literature of Chinese Migration